Cast and Crew

Alberto Diamante is an award-winning screenwriter and director. His first feature, Ulysses, was screened in festivals in Bergamo, Genova, Athens, Toronto and San Francisco. In Bergamo, it went on to win Best Picture from the Young People’s Jury and was overall runner-up.  His screenplay, “Skin” (which is currently in pre-production) has received numerous accolades and was a Finalist or Semi-Finalist at many festivals, including: the London International Film Festival (Finalist), the Honolulu Film Awards (Finalist), The VisionFest Screenplay Competition (Semi-Finalist), the World Series of Screenwriting (Finalist), the New York Screenplay Contest (Finalist) and the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (Finalist), to name a few.  The screenplay for “The Bookstore” was a Top 3 finalist for the month of July 2015 on Francis Ford Coppola’s prestigious Zoetrope filmmakers’ website. Alberto’s second feature, “Love…and other reasons to panic,” is currently available on various platforms, including iTunes, MTS, XBox Video, Google Play, Verizon, Charter Communications, Cable Vision, Cable Net and

- Alberto Diamante (George)

Sharon Belle is the co-star of the megahit web series “Carmilla,” which has totaled over 15 million views on YouTube. Carmilla won the Favorite Web Series award at the 2014 AfterEllen Visibility Awards, was nominated for Favorite Webshow at the 2015 Shorty Awards and for Best Drama at the 2015 Streamy Awards. Sharon is also the star of the upcoming series “Couple-ish,” which was a mega crowdfunding success. She has also starred in ‘The Control Principal,’ Operation Avalanche, Voyeur and Belly Up. Sharon is a highly experienced film, television and theater actress. On stage she starred in Shimmering Odessa Building, The Wharf Ensemble, and the F Word ensemble, to name a few. She has extensive acting training and a plethora of awesome skills, like: alto/soprano singing, guitar playing, a black belt in kempo karate, figure skating, dancing, snowboarding, swimming and knitting (!). She is also fluent in Quebecois French.

- Sharon Belle (Susan)

Andre is one of the most talented and hard-working members of the cast. An absolute triple threat, Andre can act, sing, play piano and drums. As a thespian, despite his very young age, he has already amassed a highly impressive resume. His film credits include supporting roles in Captive and the Brave Once, as well as lead roles in Ursus Tenera, Goodbye Trevor, Game Play and Something to Lose, to name a few. A graduate of Humber College, Andre has also starred in What the Heart Wants, Annie, Willy Wonka (as the lead character), Beauty and the Beast and Just So.

- Andre Colquhoun (Bryan)

Marion is a force of nature, a natural talent with frighteningly accurate acting skills. While having a limited on-screen experience, Madison has played the lead in the YTV pilot Acting Up. Theatrically speaking, Madison is a veteran thespian, despite her young age. She has assembled an impressive resume as a musical performer, having played leads in such prestigious productions as Summerland The Musical (Toronto Fringe Festival), Shrek: The Musical, Seven Stories, Kipling’s the Jungle Book – The Musical, Back to the 80’s Musical and High School Musical. In terms of training, Madison has studied under some of the most prestigious Toronto and New York acting teachers, such as the Armstrong Acting Studio, Leis Baumander, Peter Sklar and Marta Rainer, to name a few. Like Andre, she is a triple threat, being a highly trained actress, singer and dancer.

- Madison Claringbold (Lisa)

Alexandre is one of the most promising young actors in Toronto. While still having limited experience, he has quickly impressed Alberto and Galen with his intense character study, natural acting instincts and laser-like focus. He has starred in such film and television productions as “Producers Meeting,” “Sitting with Nokes,” and “A Wedding Crashed.” A graduate of the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television, Alexandre has studied under some of the most renowned acting teachers in Toronto, such as Catherine McNally at the prestigious Armstrong Acting Studios, Andrej Acin, Russell Ferrier, Suanne Coy and Vladimir Bondarenko. He is fluent in French, is a skilled guitarist and an impressive soccer, basketball, football and hockey player.

- Alexandre Bourgeois (Josh)

Natasha is an exceptionally experienced woman in front of the camera. Her entry into the world of television started as one of the first female videographers. This ultimately fueled her next move to showcase her skills as someone who could capture thrilling images to accompany her animated and outspoken camera appeal. Natasha has over a decade of on-air television experience hosting live and pre-taped shows on the red carpet, in-studio, producing, shooting and writing. She has notched up a plethora of global television experiences, having interviewed such notables as Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicolas Cage, Daniel Craig, Robert Englund and Gerard Butler, among others. In the past four years she has ventured into acting, starring in a variety of Canadian and American productions.

- Natasha Eloi (Nancy)

Lee Lawson is a very experienced television, theatre and film actress. She has starred in such films as Soil, Black Cat Radio Drama, Safe Guard, Terminations, Stop Motion and Vivid. Theatrically, she has acted in the ReelHeart Festival as well as several George Brown productions (Problem Child, Lion in the Streets, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night and Agnes of God). She has also studied acting at York University, the Pro Actors Lab, the Armstrong Acting Studio, and Tony Babcock, among others.

- Lee Lawson (Julie)

Benjamin is a graduate of Laurentian University, David Rotenberg’s Professional Actors Lab and Gloria Mann’s Casting Workshop. He is the host and writer of the Nostalgia Blog. On stage, he starred in The Marat, Blood Wedding Leonardo and Frosh Joe University Tour. His film credits include Hardcore, Poker, No Sex Allowed, Point Traverse and Cyclic. He has trained with David Rotenberg and Gloria Mann.

- Benjamin Gulka (Michael)

Will is a highly experienced theatre actor, having starred in such productions as Hamlet, Aladdin, Frankenstein, Twelfth Night, Tartuffe, The Seagull, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Welfarewell. On film, he has starred in Lucas and the Count, as well as several television shows such as A Film About Young Love, The War, Jumpers, Perception and Boy. Will is a certified teacher of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. He has directed the Canadian premiere of Fever/Dream and Mercury Fur with Seven Siblings Theatre. Will has extensive acting experience. Will is also an accomplished guitar player, composer and dancer.

- Will King (Cameron)

Emily is a very experienced actress, despite her young age. Her film/media credits include lead roles in such productions as G-Girls, Lucky, Vagabond, Pros and Cons, Wasteland, Hollywood North, The Apology, etc. On stage she performed in such plays as Drafts, Surviving Lunch, At the Dock, Two Brothers and Emotional Baggage. Emily has learned from some of the best Canadian acting coaches, such as the Professional Actor’s Lab (Marvin Hinz, Rae Ellen Bodie, Leslie French), Walter Alza, Tim Kachurove, etc. She is a student of the Uta Hagen and Stanislavsky techniques. Emily is an excellent dancer, overall athlete and, despite her sweet, innocent look, a firearms expert.

- Emily Brown (Tiffany)

Andrew is another Renaissance man with whom we are thrilled to work. Andrew is better known for his part as W.C. Fields in the super hit Murdoch Mysteries. He has also hosted such shows as Made Up, Cash Mob, The Crunch and Extreme Babysitting. He was nominated for Best Host for Children or Youth Program at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards. His film, The Hat, won the 48 Hour Film Project Toronto in 2013. Andrew has enormous experience performing in various theatrical comedy/ sketch shows, dating back to his years in Humber College. Among other performances, he was the ‘Host of the Judah Friedlander’: World Champion for Second City. He has performed as a stand-up comic in such prestigious places as Yuk Yuks, The Rivoli, Absolute Comedy, etc. In addition to his comedic and acting talents, Andrew is a great competitive sailor, track and field athlete, skier and golfer.

- Andrew Chapman (Andy)

Michael has played leads in several productions, such as: Love is Love, Prospective, Rhapsody, Fastball, The Pearls of Love and Sandworms. In his multi-talented career, Michael has been an electrician, naval officer, research assistant, world traveller, pastry chef, security guard and delivery driver. He is a weapons expert, motorcyclist and a proud chain smoker. He also has extensive dramatic and improv experience with such notable stomping grounds as The Armstrong Acting Studio, Second City and George Brown College.

- Michael Barkey (Tim)

Matt is the only person in the cast with extensive puppeteering experience, having worked on the world-famous show Walking with Dinosaurs. Matt has also acted in more ‘traditional’ roles, having starred in such TV shows as Morn’, Shuman’s Place, and Two Girls, a Guy and a Squeegie. His theatrical credits include: Kiss Me Kate, The Taming of the Shrew, Little Women, The Last 5 years, Arsenic and Old Lace, A Christmas Carol, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Servant of Two Masters. Matt is an extraordinary singer, dancer, guitarist and martial artist.

- Matt Clark (Arthur)

Malone is a professional photographer with a natural instinct for acting and a driving passion to perform. He trained with Lynne Cormack and Bad Dog Theatre. He is also fluent in Spanish, is a talented dancer, skateboarder, rock climber, tennis player, squash player and yogi.

- Malone Ford (Charley)

Stacey is one of the most accomplished actresses in our cast. Her Film and Television credits are inordinately long and they include lead roles in: The Sessions, Glow, The Keeper of Days, Emma and Indelible Ink, among others. She also has had principal roles in: Burst, Lucas and the Count, Sessions, The Officer, Murder in Paradise, Forget Me Not and The Dowry. Stacey has trained with such eminent acting coaches as: Sears & Switzer, Amos Crawley, Robert Kennedy, Catherine McNally, Salvatore Antonio and Shari Hollett, among others. For some reason, she has also learned to play the ukulele and the flute.

- Stacey Iseman (Laura)

Steve has extensive voice-over, improv and comedy experience. He is an alum of the legendary Second City.  On stage, his credits include Wild Abandon, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, and the monologue Bernard Standing Alone. Steve is also a fine writer and director, having created such works as Myoguide and Myoguide+. Steve also boasts a formidable resume as a voice actor and voice-over narrator.

- Steve Rizzo (Thug Sam)

Darcy was a lead actor in the critically acclaimed See No Evil for Cineflix, and was a Principal in Jay Walking with Beacon Studios. On stage, Darcy has starred in such productions as The Italian American Reconciliation, Unwanted, Zero Sum Mind and Workplay. Darcy has trained under some of the most eminent names in theatre, such as: Bruce Clayton, John Gordon, Lewis Baumander, Ann DeSalvo and Sasha Krane, among others. Darcy is a fluent French speaker as well as a skilled drums, piano, guitar and trumpet player.

- Darcy Davidson (Thug Dylan)

Peter has over 50 years’ experience in classical and modern theatre, with roles ranging from Lear, Prospero and Romeo to Duncan, Player King and Fenton in Shakespeare and from Dr. Dysart (Equus),  William K (Criminals in Love) and Anton (The Paris Letter) to George Reilly (Enter a Free Man) and Sly (Portia Coughlin) in contemporary theatre. He has acted in films since 1999 with over 100 short and feature film credits.

- Peter Higginson (Elderly Man)

Ron acted in countless theatre productions, including Thorns of Tenderness, A Nobel effort, Dead Guy Walking, The Reckoning and A Snowy Season, to name a few. His acting coaches include Buddy Brennan, Gloria Mann, Tracey Hoyt and Earl Sky.

- Ron Van Der Zvaag (Older Man)

Madryn has extensive theatre experience, having starred in such productions as The Cousins of Corsica, Wyrd Sisters, Ryan Robinson, Sometimes All Full/ Sonnet Show, Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Hi Rez Comes to Earth. She is a Certified Teacher of Michael Chekhov Acting Technique from GLMCC, which makes directing her extremely daunting. She has studied under Brian Rintoul, Lionel Walsh, Glen Gaston, David Savoy and Rod Cebellos. She is also a talented opera singer (soprano) and can wiggle her ears on command.

- Madryn McCabe (Detective)

Despite her young age, Maria has already amassed an impressive career. She has starred in such films as End Game: War of Warlords, Dave and Greg, The Reckoning, Sorry and Shreds. She has studied at the Armstrong Acting School, The Toronto Academy of Acting and the Alza Acting Studio. She is an accomplished athlete and a certified esthetician.

- Maria Graham (Young Woman)

Karin Frye’s background is in the corporate world. She has, however, long nurtured a passion for acting and has studied with excellent teachers. She has a natural gift in front of the camera, and is an entertaining, charming thespian.

- Kerin Frye (Older Woman)

Galen is a director/ producer/ editor with vast experience in the production of documentary films. He is co-president of “3004 Studios” and has produced such films as “The Forgotten Salmon,” “Amunegu (in times to come),” and “Wattpad.” A true Renaissance man, Galen is also an accomplished cinematographer, photographer, editor and graphic artist. “The Bookstore” is his first foray into feature narrative cinema.

- Galen Brown (Crew – Producer)