Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone! This is Alberto Diamante, writer-director-star of ‘The Bookstore’! Our adventure has begun! We have finished the audition process and I must say, the actors we have found are truly exceptional (but don’t tell them, or they’ll ask for a raise)!

We are now in the process of raising funds for our film, through our Indiegogo campaign:
or simply go to Indiegogo and search “The Bookstore” under “Film.”

But I digress. I was talking about the actors.
Here they are, with their role in brackets:

Alberto Diamante (George): I play the lead role… for various reasons. For one thing, I could not find anyone who even remotely fit the criteria for this part. We tried various actors who brought a lot of originality to the role, but who missed a lot of the humour. So, I auditioned myself and, guess what? I got the part! In addition to everything else I need to do these days, I’ll be memorizing my lines in the next few weeks.

Andre Colquhoun (Bryan): Andre is a supremely talented, modest, charming and self-effacing guy. His personality added so much to the character and forced me to change certain aspects of the script to fit his personality, thus adding more depth and meaning to the story.

Madison Claringbold (Lisa): Madison is a true force of nature. She has acted in several musicals and, like Andre, is a talented singer and dancer. She is just starting her acting career in films, but I know that we’ll be hearing a lot from her. Madison and I have agreed to tell the world that I discovered her waitressing in Nunavut. It’s so much more interesting than the real story.

Sharon Belle (Susan): Sharon is one of the co-stars of “Carmilla,” a hugely successful web series. Her acting instincts are spot-on and hardly needs any direction from me at all. She is a supremely talented, dedicated and creative actress.

Alexandre Bourgeois (Josh): Alex is also a super talented actor with super accurate instincts. He is a pleasure to work with and will surely be one of the most popular actors once the film is released. It doesn’t hurt that he looks slightly more attractive than me.

Now that I have introduced the cast, I can say with confidence that we’re going to have an amazing film. These guys know how to create fascinating characters, they are fun to work with and love this project. I’m sure they’ll bring so much more to the characters than what I had envisioned!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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